Commissioned Pet Portrait - A Labor of Love

First of all....thank you to everyone who has supported this endeavor of mine! Getting my artwork “out there” has been a goal for quite a while. Actually doing it has been exciting and terrifying and satisfying all at the same time!

In addition to the painted glass pieces and greeting card illustrations on this website, I also love to “just paint”. This is a commissioned water color painting of “Maggie”, the feline companion of a dear friend. 

I was so honored to be trusted to portray a beloved pet. Our pets aren’t just animals who share our homes; they’re family!  It was important to me to capture not only a good likeness, but also a bit of Maggie’s personality. I don’t draw or paint cats very often. They’re a challenge! Thankfully, the recipient of this piece (it was a surprise birthday gift) seems very happy with it. 

If you would like a custom watercolor painting (or even a glass painting), please feel free to drop me an email at 



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